The Barnabas Group is about making an impact. The following member testimonials are just a sampling of the many different ways God is using The Barnabas Group:

"Discovering there's an organization that leverages giving of talents to maximize Kingdom stewardship!"

"Amazing to see the breadth of what God is doing in so many areas and be able to help at least a little bit."

"The people at Barnabas are seasoned. The authenticity in the room at every meeting makes for a very peaceful and very rewarding experience."

"Meeting valuable people that I wouldn't otherwise cross paths with."

"Seeing how engaged so many Christian business professionals became with respect to what was presented!"

"Hearing the creative ways that God is using His Kingdom Entrepreneurs to impact the world for Christ!"

"All of the ministries were exceptional and the network of influential and committed people is incredible!"

"All presenters were well prepped and did a great job! An overall excellent meeting!"

"Just to know that such a meeting exists. What a great idea."

"I'm blessed by the people I meet; TBG is an information exchange; the mechanism to attending makes sure only highly qualified and passionate people are in the room; thus you can't measure TBG's impact with just the ministries presenting and TBG involvement with them; I imagine there may be even more exponential impact with other divine connections that happen throughout the room spawning other ministries and resource development for the Kingdom."

"Always exciting to hear from new ministries."

"To see the many ways in which God is at work in our community and the world around us is an awakening."

"The energy and commitment to Christ you could feel in the room was wonderful - great excitement!"

"Barnabas Group meetings are unique. A marketplace of sorts, bringing Kingdom minded men and women in contact with God-honoring ministries that truly need their time, talent & network. The atmosphere is electric and encouraging."

"I began The Master's Program in 2007 with concurrent participation in The Barnabas Group community. For me, all the principles of TMP come together through Kingdom outreach. TBG provides an absolutely unique window to strategic ministry and service opportunities, and has greatly clarified my understanding of God's vision, the 'church of irresistible influence' and my personal calling."

Take a look at how God has used The Barnabas Group by reading the TBG-Online-Booklet.

Jim West, Orange County