Presenting Ministry

The Barnabas Group engages with ministries in a variety of significant ways: SWOT meetings, member forums, mission trips, and service projects are some ways members have used their time, talent, and energy to impact ministries.

Ministries that have benefited from contacting The Barnabas Group are listed on this page. Click on the ministry image to gain a better understanding the engaged ministry.

If you have a ministry or know of a ministry that could benefit from engaging with The Barnabas Group, please have the ministry contact person complete a form prior to contacting the Managing Partner (click here for form).

Prior to The Barnabas Group engaging with a ministry in a formal context, the ministry will either first meet with the managing partner and/or The Barnabas Group Faithworks Team, at no cost to the ministry. Prior and during these meetings, ministries will supply specific operational and financial information (without audit) to The Barnabas Group managing partner.