Become a Presenting Ministry

The Process for Becoming a Presenting Ministry

Thank you for your interest in sharing your ministry with us. Provided there's a fit, we look forward to meeting with you to learn how you are serving the Kingdom of God.

The Barnabas Group receives hundreds of requests from ministries to present in the 16-20 spots we might have open during the year. We look for answers to the following questions from every ministry that might present to our partners. Please review our process:

  1. A ministry is introduced to us by a Barnabas Group partner. We will meet with ministries on specific dates usually every three to four weeks. We meet for one hour.
  2. Prior to the meeting (5 days before is requested) the ministry should have completed our form and submitted it via email.  In addition to the form, there are five questions the ministry leader should be prepared to answer upon meeting:

    • Is your ministry Christ-centered?
    • Does the ministry have a strong leader?
    • Can the ministry articulate a "business plan", that is, do you know where you want to go?
    • Do you have needs that TBG partners can meet and that will resonate with our partners? (The needs can't be financial, but should be time, touch, talent or network.)
    • Do you have a "Big Question" we can help you to brainstorm? This is not crucial, but something we discuss with you.

  3. Submit The Barnabas Group Ministry Review Form.
  4. If criteria are met, we will contact you to schedule the meeting.
  5. If the ministry is one that could present in the future, we invite you to a TBG meeting to see what we are all about. This helps as you prepare for your own presentation.
  6. We have four meetings per year. Three of them are morning meetings and we will have 3-5 ministries at each. They are scheduled well in advance. We try and have different ministries (kids, international, medical, etc.) on each program so there is something for each attendee. In addition we have evening meetings from time to time where one or two ministries might present. We have additional opportunities for up to 10 ministries to set up in the courtyard/lobby during the hour prior to the meeting to mingle and visit with TBG partners and guests.
  7. We currently have 10-20 ministries in the queue. We continue to interview and talk with new ministries, but unfortunately we can't get everyone on as quickly as we might like. That's the hard part of what we do.
  8. We give priority to ministries that are introduced to us by Barnabas Group partners and in which a Barnabas Group partner is actively participating.

Please contact us to request a meeting.