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Becoming a partner of The Barnabas Group is like becoming an investor of your time, talents, and networks in critically needed areas of Kingdom work vision and strategy, serving ministries you select and have a passion for, pro bono with your marketplace talents.

What you have to offer is far more than what you've been told, and you can have a far greater impact in the Kingdom of God, in Jesus' name, when you attend The Barnabas Group.

TBG was founded to honor God and expand his Kingdom through the unity of the body of Christ, locally and nationally. Our primary goal is to serve our partners. To be used as a platform the Holy Spirit can use to draw us together closer to the Lord! That is our focus.

Secondarily, TBG was formed to support and positively influence other ministries. To find out more, click below:

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Our mission is to see the time, talents & networks of marketplace and other Kingdom leaders help ministries in a way that is cohesive with their objectives - from small start-ups to large international organizations - transforming lives worldwide.

We want to scratch your itch! We want to bless you! Sign up today and become a partner!

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To learn more, read through the 10 Year Anniversary Book and celebrate with us what great things God has done through The Barnabas Group.

Get in the Game

A Ministry That Helps Ministries

The Barnabas Group was created to bring diverse value to ministries locally and globally. We provide our partners with ongoing opportunities to use their time, gifts, abilities, network and/or resources to support pre-screened Christian ministries.

The Partner is our Focus

Our primary goal is to serve our partners. To be used as a platform the Holy Spirit can use to draw us, together, closer to the Lord! That is our focus.


Join our community and learn how partnership provides a platform for selected local, nationwide, and global ministries to interact and listen to Barnabas Group partners in order to grow and advance God's Kingdom. Contact us to find out more!

Partnership Has Its Privileges, Ours Are Eternal

The annual fee for partnership in The Barnabas Group is $1500.00 ($1250.00 is tax deductible). Your contribution delivers these benefits and more:

  1. Provides a platform for 20 or 30 ministries each year to ask Christian leaders to come alongside them and give of their talents to help their ministries be used in advancing God's Kingdom.
  2. Delivers hundreds of thousands of dollars to various ministries and projects. Ten micro-lending banks have been established in Mexico. Several homes for orphaned AIDS babies are caring for hundreds of children each in South Africa. Relationship 180 received a total marketing make over. And there are hundreds of other ministries that have been blessed in various ways through The Barnabas Group.
  3. Sustains The Barnabas Group website, which offers updates on ministries.
  4. Offers us the ability to bring top speakers in to challenge The Barnabas Group partners.
  5. Hosts dinners which are free to TBG partners and their spouses.
  6. Sponsors The Barnabas Group mission trips and/or couples retreats.
  7. Supports The Barnabas Group SWOT Teams, which have brainstormed with several ministries to help them work through issues and problems.
  8. Hosts luncheons and breakfasts for The Barnabas Group partners and spouses with noted speakers.
  9. Secures diverse talent to conduct seminars for both partners and ministries on various topics.
  10. Allows The Barnabas Group to expand in the future! We are currently in 14 cities nationwide.

Chapter Operation

TBG partners and their spouses meet through a variety of fellowship-based events and ministry opportunities

Partners are given the opportunity to serve with other chapters on SWOT Teams to brainstorm solutions on issues or problems with a particular ministry. Two to three times per year, TBG holds seminars for local ministries to bless, encourage and educate them.

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