Leadership Catalyst

truefaced communities around the world.

What do you do?(50 words or less) We multiply people who can build truefaced communities around the world.
Catalyst accomplishes this mission through the 3 essential components required to break old cultures and create a movement.
1) A “sticky” new language.
2) A process to experience this new life.
3) A network of models that prove truefaced communities are God’s only answer to sin, shame, and toxic relationships.

Leadership Catalyst

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Contact: Dr. Bruce McNicol, Pres.
Telephone: 602-249-7000
Website: http://www.leadershipcatalyst.org

For TBG's Ministry Report in PDF format, go to:

www.barnabasgroup.org/uploads/document_library/tbg-files/TBG Ministry Report - Leadership Catalyst.pdf